5 minute bedtime stories

There’s some great children’s books out there including these kids books recommended by the BBC and here are are some of Tardy’s favourite tales from worldwide author sites including Book Dash which we hope you will enjoy.

Why Book Dash?

At Book Dash we believe that every child should own a hundred books by the age of five, before they enter school.

Sing to me

cute bedtime stories sing to me

Mama loves to sing all day, especially to Baby.

Read by Professor LaMarr

By Book Dash

Baby Babble

Baby’s day is full of babble, whether she’s hungry, searching for her dummy, splashing in the bath or curled up in bed at night.

bedtime stories baby babble short story for kids
By Cambridge Storytime

What’s at the Park

Zoey loves finding things in the park. One day, she gets a big surprise.

Created at Book Dash Cape Town on 27 October 2018 by David Mann (writer) and Jess Jardim-Wedepohl (illustrator and designer). Edited by Karen Hurt.

Read by Elif Sürmeli

The Great Cake Contest

Who will win the Great Cake Contest? One of the nicest cute bedtime stories about a little boy who wants to make the best cake.

The Great Cake Contest 5 minute bedtime stories
Read by Motherhood Studio

Auntie Boi’s Gift

Auntie Boi has sent a present from Kenya. Kopano and Rea go to town to pick it up. What a journey!

Created at Book Dash Cape Town on 27 October 2018 by Baeletsi Tsatsi, (writer), Ndumiso Nyoni (illustrator) and Bianca Wiesner (designer). Edited by Margot Bertelsmann.

Read by Professor Lamarr

Tardy’s collection is suitable for all young children as well as reading to toddlers

Dance Mihlali

The day of the concert is approaching, and Mihlali is getting more and more nervous. Will she ever be ready to dance in front of all those people?

Read by Alos Storytime

I don’t want to sleep

Nandi doesn’t want to go to sleep. No way! She wants to go on an adventure. Join Nandi as she lets her imagination run wild and free.

I want to!

This cute little baby knows exactly what she wants. She wants to eat, she wants to play, and she wants to read a book with Mama!

I want to! Story for Kids
Read by Alos Storytime

Who’s that Baby?

A new baby has come to play. Who could it be?

Created at Book Dash Cape Town on 13 April 2019 by Chisanga Mukuka (writer), Natalie Hinrichsen and Tamsin Hinrichsen (illustrators) and Georgia Demertzis (designer). Edited by Nicola Rijsdijk.


Shh! Baby is asleep! Why is everyone making so much noise?

From Professor LaMarr

What is Book Dash?

Children in South Africa need more cute bedtime stories for kids books, but they cost too much purchased from publishers. The cheapest books have no publisher – then the only cost is printing. So our participants do the work of publishers in a single day. After that, anyone can get print runs sponsored and put finished books into the hands of children.

We believe every child should own a hundred books by the age of five. In South Africa, that means giving 600 million free books to children who could never afford to buy them. Every day we lose, more children grow up unable to read and write well, and to enjoy the worlds that books open up.

Research shows that owning books is a key factor in emotional development and academic success: more important that socio-economic status and equaled only by parents’ level of education. By working together to increase book ownership among South African children, we could effectively disrupt a cycle of inequality for good. To that end, Book Dash gathers creative volunteers to create new, African storybooks in just one day that anyone can freely print, translate and distribute, and we source the funding to print hundreds and thousands of books to give to children through partner organisations.

5 minute bedtime stories recommended by Tardy

World of Tardy – free and short 5 minute Bedtime story collection for kids and children

Bedtime Stories with Tardy is a collection bedtime stories from Tardy and his friends including great stories such as Sing to Me and Babble Babble and classic fairy tales such as Three Goats Gruff and The Marvellous Musician as well as 5 minute bedtime stories to help you get your child or children to sleep. 5 minute stories recommended by Tardy