I don’t want to go to sleep bedtime story

by Subi Bosa, Sarah McGregor and Alexia Greef


Nandi doesn’t want to go to sleep. No way! She wants to go on an adventure. Join Nandi as she lets her imagination run wild and free.

Created at Book Dash Jozi on 27 October 2018 by Sarah McGregor (writer), Subi Bosa (illustrator) and Alexia Greef (designer).

Why Book Dash?

Children in South Africa need more 5 minute bedtime stories and books, but they cost too much purchased from publishers. The cheapest books have no publisher – then the only cost is printing. So our participants do the work of publishers in a single day. After that, anyone can get print runs sponsored and put finished books into the hands of children.

This 5min bedtime story has been published under a creative commons license with some pages removed from easier reading.