Adiba the inspiration for Pasithea launches online meditation classes

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Adiba the inspiration for Pasithea launches online meditation classes

When we wrote Mindfulness with Tardy the inspiration for our Pasithea voice over and meditation guru guide was a real live person called Adiba who is the founder of Inhere, London’s first meditation centre!

Well we are very pleased to announce that although the wellness economy boom that was reportedly set to rival tourism is on hold, In here have just launched web based mediation class programme for you to now enjoy at home!


Inhere was London’s first drop-in studio having launched in the City of London way back in 2017 and – in response to both latent demand and corona – they are now offering live guided classes.

Inhere aim to give everyone the chance to develop a healthy relationship with their mind. Which means offering people the opportunity, the time and the space to tune out the noise of daily life.

In addition to their online meditation classes, Inhere also run mindfulness classes in workplaces and venues of your choosing in normal times so we do 100% recommend you check them out

Andy be they way “inhere” is to “exist within”. Which we all knew, right?

Inhere’s Mediation Classes now on line

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