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Welcome to the children’s audio easy listing and bedtime stories section including easy listening and night time bedtime stories by Tardy and his friends to help you relax or send your child to sleep!

Tardy goes to Animal School!

Tardy goes to Animal School is a delightful story about a young Water Bear called Tardy and his first week at Animal School and currently has over forty 5 Star reader reviews on Amazon UK

!Tardy goes to Animal School is suitable for children aged 3-5 for bedtime reading and children 6-8 for more developed reading.


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Bedtime with Tardy

Welcome to Tardy and the wonderful world of Water Bears who can sleep for over 30 years and are the world’s best sleepers! In Bedtime with Tardy you can join Tardy and his friend Lair Bear as they travel through The Sleepy Forest to find Auntie Dozer – the world’s greatest sleeper – to learn the secret to a long relaxing sleep. Along the way Tardy and The Lair Bear get advice from Baba Bear and meet The Cat Nap and Shut Eye Sam who have their own special techniques to help them sleep. Bedtime with Tardy uses new parent friendly techniques to help you not just lull your child to sleep with a gentle, relaxing story about the wonderful world of Water Bears, but also learn sleep techniques yourself.

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children’s bedtime stories to listen to from Tardy and friends!

More kids audio books will be coming soon from Tardy and friends!