What are water bears? (kid friendly!)

What are water bears?

A kids friendly guide to what are water bears?

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Hello! My Name is Tardy and I’m a Water Bear. You’ve probably never heard of us and that’s OK as we’ve been around since before the dinosaurs – so we’ve only just heard about you too!

Bear Facts

We’re funny little things so I’ve included some little fun Bear facts for parents along the way, which I hope you will find interesting. we are in fact Tarigrades and we’re no bigger than a pinhead. The reason we are called Water Bears is because we look like bears when you look at us under a magnifying glass. But we are also one of the toughest and most amazing animals in the world and scientists are always discovering new and amazing things about us. Like I said, we’re a lot like you! 

Oh, and we’re big sleepers. I mean really big sleepers! If one animal has nailed sleep it’s us.

I want to find read more about tardigrades!

One of the reasons we need to be so tough is to enable us to survive in some pretty extreme places, like  space which we do by crystalizing ourselves and going to sleep for up to 30 years so we can emerge in better times. So think about that next time you’re having a power nap!

So we’ve decided to pass on some of our sleeping skills to you and your family.

We’re very proud to be Water Bears and the world’s best sleepers and hope you and your family will become world class sleepers too!

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Tardy the Water Bear!

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