Kids book reviews: “What’s under my bed?”

What’s under my bed kids book review

What’s under my bed by James Stevenson is an amusing, short tale about two young children who hear a scary bedtime story from their grandpa before going to bed.

Young Mary Ann and Louie put on a brave face while listening to the story but end up becoming scared nevertheless and run to their grandpa for comfort. This leads to their grandpa narrating a fascinating tale from a time in his childhood when he was being plagued by his imaginary monsters. 

This story is full of whimsical illustrations, perfect for capturing little children’s attention. Packed with countless creatures such as ghosts, skeletons, and even goblins, this book has no shortage of imaginative elements that is sure to entice young readers. This book is great as a bedtime story as it starts fast and loud but eventually finishes off with an adorable ending to lull children to sleep.

Overall, we think this bedtime tale is a perfect addition to any child’s bedtime storybook collection.

Kids book reviews verdict: Recommended!