Very Short Bedtime Stories for kids and young children


Zandi has a friend that no one else can see. His name is Birdy Monster. They mix up magic potions, play pretend and go on adventures together.

The Lost laugh

Spotty the Hyena has lost his laugh. How did this happen? Where could it be? And can the other animals help him find it?

Lory Dory

Lory Dory. A little girl lies in bed. Her grandpa sits next to her. One night Grandpa was tucking me in. His hands were soft and his hair was thin.

Short bedtime storiesLory and Dory

The Pumpkin Chase

Oh no, the naughty pumpkin pie thief is running away with Miss Sunflower’s pie! Will you help to catch the crook?

The Fish that couldn’t swim

Have you ever heard of a fish that can’t swim?

Tig’s World

If the world is round, why don’t the people on the bottom fall off? Tig’s mom has one answer, and her dad has another. Who’s telling the truth?

I’m the colour of honey

Is that your teacher? Is that your Aunty? Amanda is fed up with these questions and wishes that she looked just like her Mummy and Daddy. But maybe they are more alike than she realises!

A very busy day!

Today is a very busy day. Come to town with Mama and me!

Short bedtime stories as recommended by Tardy and his friends